2014 Cumulative UpdateMicrosoft will be releasing the 2014 Cumulative Update for BizTalk Server in mid-December 2014. These updates combine all of the patches and hotfixes released for 2014, as well as some additional patch content.

It is strongly recommended that everyone running BizTalk install this Cumulative Update (as well as any previous updates that you may not have installed) as it addresses a number of issues with basic BizTalk functionality. Please see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2555976 for a complete list of Cumulative Updates that are currently available for different version releases of BizTalk.

2014 Cumulative Update – Final CU for BizTalk 2006

The 2014 Cumulative Update release will also mark the final CU release for the 2006 version of BizTalk, no further patch releases are anticipated for that version.

A common question:  I don’t have any problems.  Should I install this 2014 Cumulative Update?   Yes, technically speaking the cumulative updates not only includes bug fixes, they also includes improvements, also as the integrations corporate solutions evolves, the risk to detect issues already fixed by Microsoft also increase.   We emphasize to test the CU in a Test Environment before to install the updates at a Production Environment.

Our team strongly recommends that testing be performed on critical applications immediately after CU installation. While the CU should not affect properly developed functionality on any BizTalk version, patches like this make changes to a number of fundamental elements of BizTalk and can sometimes have unanticipated impacts.

Art2link is a member of the BizTalk V-TSP Program and has been for many years, making us one of the few organizations in the world exposed to Microsoft’s BizTalk Server Product Team. We actively cooperate with Microsoft’s Product Team to make the product the best it can be to improve the user experience.

For assistance with installation of this CU, or application testing after installation, please contact your BizTalk experts at Art2link.

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