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HL7 Integration Services Protocols

HL7 is a set of data standards for interoperability between healthcare systems and devices.  This set of standards provides one of the most widely adopted, vendor independent, industry validated set of standards for interoperability in the world, and is an area of data standards that Ar2link operates within on a regular basis. HL7 data standards can be supported with a variety of the data interface engines and transformation tools that Art2link has expertise within.  These tools can allow individual systems within the healthcare environment to transmit data to each other, on an as-needed basis, with little or no alterations to the originating or destination system. The approach of allowing data transmission from system to system without altering either system represents a strong approach for encouraging system adoption within specialized healthcare environments.  Individual healthcare providers or departments can select, implement, and utilize best-of-breed systems that best meet their clinical needs, while healthcare IT is still able to retrieve, transform, and move the data generated on an as-needed basis. HL7 integrations are the common data format that is most often selected for these situations, and often represent the most effective “middle” step in the data integration puzzle.

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Our expertise with HL7

Our expertise with HL7, and our access to multiple systems that can translate to and from HL& allows us to handle multiple transmission methods. This includes the old protocol, MLLP (Minimum Lower Layer Protocol), which has been popular throughout the years; as well as the more modern and efficient Web Services or FTP approach that has been increasingly adopted. Whether you need an HL7 Integration of two internal systems, or you need to exchange HL7 formatted data with another entity (like a regulatory government agency, data aggregator, insurance company, or parent facility), we can help. We have offered solutions to organizations representing many roles in the healthcare ecosystem including:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Academic Systems
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Public Health Agencies
  • Government Agencies
  • Medical Suppliers
  • Pharmaceutical Suppliers
  • Pharmacies

  • Screening Registers
  • Emergency Services Providers
  • Laboratories
  • Finance
  • Insurance Companies
  • Payers
  • Home Health Companies
  • Imaging Centers
  • Physicians

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Why use Art2link for your HL7 needs?

Validating and addressing all the conditional formatting inherent to healthcare data transmissions is tedious work. For years, Art2link has been performing that work to an exacting level of precision.  Our personnel are experts, and can help your organization avoid the problems that we have already faced and overcome. Our level of experience enables us to perform this time consuming work much faster than most of our clients thought to be possible, and our flexible approaches to integration insure that our solution will match your process . . . not that your process will need to change to match our solution. Contact an Art2link HL7 Expert, and we’ll explore how we can best of assistance to your organization.

What our Clients have to say about Art2link

“Art2link was always there to answer questions and provide excellent service. I’m sure we wouldn’t have finished this project without their expertise. We had a great experience and can’t wait to work with them again” Management – IT – Practice Velocity.

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