Manufacturing: Does your ERP system speak to your other systems?

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We can bring your plant years of experience working with the challenging integration manufacturingfactors faced in the manufacturing environment. We have worked closely with light and heavy industrial manufacturers, Tier-1 automotive-parts companies, food production companies, and technology manufacturers.



Manufacturing Data Standards Expertise

Many companies making only a few specific components characterize today’s manufacturing marketplace. Each component finds its way to a final assembler by way of a supply chain that gets more complicated as the number of components increases.  This characterizes today’s supply chain, with producers/assemblers of final products having supply chains that are increasingly complex.

Add to the this increased complexity, the additional pressure of LEAN initiatives to maintain less and less part inventory, and you have a perfect recipe for production disruptions due to imperfect communication within the supply chain.

These types of supply chains present unique challenges for integrators like Art2link.  Immediate data connections, with the ability to accommodate alterations quickly, and a bulletproof level of reliability are absolute necessities in today’s marketplace.  Art2link maintains the level of broad and deep expertise in manufacturing processes, and the system and protocol knowledge that is associated with them, to create the kind of supply chain interfaces that your company doesn’t just want. . . it needs.

If you are manufacturing using a “pull” supply system to regulate your overall inventory costs, you know how critical real-time supply chain information is to your bottom line. Art2link understands the challenges that you face and our data standards expertise allows mission critical data to flow when you need it most – all the time. We are extremely familiar with the following data standards:

  • X12
  • Edifact
  • EDI 101, 170, 180, 818, 832, 840-843, 846, 850, 855-857, and 940

Expertise Integrating Numerous Manufacturing Software Packages

Management in a manufacturing environment vitally needs to have as much information as possible readily available. A central data repository must handle numerous data streams coming from a variety of sources, both within, and external to the enterprise.  Without this dynamic flow of mission critical information, manufacturing managers lack the visibility that will allow them to make smart decisions to steer their operations.

Art2link can help you integrate any and all of the major packages listed below, as well as any custom systems that you may already have, and can tie all of that information into a single MES, ERP, or Dashboard system, to give management the visibility they need.

  • MIE Solutions – MIE Trak Pro
  • NetSuite – NetSuite Manufacturing Edition
  • SysPro
  • IQMS – Enterprise IQ
  • Kenandy – Kenandy Manufacturing Cloud
  • Made2Manage – Made2Manage ERP
  • Microsoft – Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Oracle – Oracle JD Edwards – Manufacturing
  • Exact – MAX manufacturing, Globe Manufacturing
  • FitriX – Fitrix ERP
  • SAP – Business One – Manufacturing

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