We offer many specific technical competencies to best meet your data management needs.

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technologiesMost of our competencies center on various Apex-Technologies. However, there are many different, specific technologies associated with each Apex-Technology. For example, when using the BizTalk Server, you must also have expertise in C#, as it is one of the technologies that underlies the Apex – BizTalk. Our comprehensive technology overview pages are designed to provide a more complete perspective of our breadth of services and experience. While we talk specifically about our competencies in a number of the Apex technologies, we will be happy to assist you with any of the unique underlying techs you may be having problems with.


BizTalk Server

Our BizTalk Certified Professionals have been involved with Microsoft and BizTalk since its inception. Every staff member in our organization holds the latest BizTalk Server Certification, along with the latest related technologies.

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SharePoint Server

SharePoint is a multi-purpose tool designed to cater common business requirements for most organizations. We are specialized in developing, implementing, integrating, customizing, and maintaining SharePoint Solutions.

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SQL Server

We made SQL Server one of our specialty product lines so we could provide you with a complete set of services, making sure you are getting peak performance.

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Our team of experts has a great deal of experience implementing AppFabric solutions. AppFabric is included with the purchase of your server license.

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Windows Azure

Want to take advantage of Windows Azure but you are not sure how to optimally start or implement it? Learn more about our Azure experience, contact us, and we’ll get you on the right track.

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