We offers several different lines of service for your business-critical BizTalk and Sharepoint systems.
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Our standard support offerings are listed below, and can be customized as needed to fit your unique business needs.


Emergency Support
Art2link can make one or more of experts available at a moment’s notice to solve your emergency data issues. We have the expertise to step in and radically speed up the process of recovering from an unforseen event.

EssentialCare Support
With EssentialCare support, we are your BizTalk or SharePoint safety net. For affordable retainer fees, we guarantee the prompt availability of one of our world-class, certified, VTSP-member BizTalk or Sharepoint architects. You don’t have to feel like you’re entering the next complex phase of a project without expert level support.

PrimeCare Support
Our most popular level of support, PrimeCare takes the features of EssentialCare and adds Proactive system monitoring. We can remotely monitor the health and performance of your BizTalk or SharePoint installation. We can either notify you or take corrective action when problems arise.

supportPremiumCare Support

PremiumCare support is typically provided in fully hosted service situations, where we house the data application and maintain it. At this level, we can provide industry leading Service Level Agreements related to the overall uptime of your hosted systems and your system performance.


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