Do all of your departmental systems speak to one another?
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Government Expert ConsultingWe have experience working with many different government entities, including state and local governments, partially-controlled governmental agencies, and the military. All government agencies, organizations, and offices present their own challenging data integration standpoints. Art2link is ready to help your organization make informed decisions with regard to your technology operations. Our goal is to heighten your organization’s expediency and cost effectiveness.


Data Standards Expertise

Regardless of the government organization, massive amounts of data transfer are required at some point. Data transfer between public and private sectors must also be done in a secure and expedient manner. Government systems typically involve a wide array of different operating systems, database types, and transfer protocols. Because of our familiarity with a wide range of different systems and data standards, we can make your integration task simpler and easier. Let our expert architects develop a blueprint for the fastest, cheapest, and most effective way to interface with those systems.

Why Art2link is the best solution for Government Entities?

  • We understand that your company is unique. Our solutions to your technology issues should be similarly unique, to take advantage of the industry commonalities that we know exist, while capitalizing on your unique strengths as a company . . . Your business need drives the technology, not vice versa.
  • We have an extreme level of expertise in integration that allows us to develop and implement technology solutions more quickly and efficiently than any in-house team possibly could.
  • We have a broad understanding of a variety of tools that can be used to address your needs in the most effective and efficient manner possible. We don’t only know one product, and expect all problems to fit within that one toolset.  We can bring the right tools to your project.
  • We do what we say we are going to do. When we say we are going to do it.  No exceptions.  No excuses.
  • We can bring enough resources to bear, in enough time zones, to meet your project timeline objectives.
  • When we’ve done it, you will know that it has been done right, the first time. Not slipshod work, in a rush to meet a deadline.  Not ½ completed work because there were parts that weren’t understood.  Correct, complete, thorough, efficient, and stable work.  Every time.

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