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The insurance industry has many separate yet integrated components, and they all require a high degree of inter-connectability. Administrators, underwriters, agencies, providers and customers need access to a vast pool of data. Additionally, the profitability of these firms is dictated by how rapidly it can provide data to the group or individual that needs it.

Our dedicated professionals have significant experience integrating insurance companies, including companies specializing in Health, Life, and Property / Specialty insurance. We are ready to help your organization make informed business and technical decisions.

We have extensive experience integrating locations and groups using the following standards:

  • HIPAA 4010, and 5010
  • HL7
  • EDI 100-112, 124, 148, 256, 270-275, 834, and 837

Expertise Integrating Numerous Insurance Software Products

A primary challenge of many insurance groups is providing more services (therefore more data) to an increasing number of customers and partners. To exacerbate the challenge, insurance groups have to do it quicker and cheaper than ever before.

This constantly changing business environment develops a constant need to integrate new data sources quickly and securely. Art2link has the experience and mastery needed to integrate your vital groups data quicker and better than many internal development teams can. We commonly help other insurance groups integrate the following systems:

  • Sapiens – Insight
  • Allegient – EPM, PMC
  • StoneRiver – ClaimStream, EFreedom
  • Connecture – ConsumerEdge, InsureAdvantage
  • Millbrook – BI
  • ITM – Underwriting
  • Zurich
  • 3i Infotech

Why Art2link?

Integration Consulting isn’t simply IT.  Integration Consulting is about the intertwined services, and products delivered to clients throughout their entire system. Our well-rounded expertise in the standards is what sets us apart from the rest. Art2link is a member of Microsoft’s BizTalk V-TSP Program and has been for many years. This makes us one of the few organizations in the world with direct exposure and access to Microsoft’s BizTalk Server Product Team. We actively work with Microsoft’s Product Team to determine functionality for new BizTalk releases and to make BizTalk work at peak efficiency. This level of access into the team that design and builds a particular product is extremely unusual in the industry and will ensure you the highest possible level of BizTalk Auditing Consulting expertise.

Design and Implementation of System Integration Solutions

System Integration is ultimately what the team of technical experts at
Art2link is all about.We are highly experienced using a wide variety of different interface engines, transformation tools, and messaging systems to make a huge variety of different systems communicate seamlessly and without human intervention.If your personnel enter the same information into multiple systems, your organization is wasting money, plain and simple. If you’ve been told that the systems that you are trying to make communicate are simply too complicated, that creating an interface between them will be too costly or time-consuming . . . don’t believe it.

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