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All product lines we specialize in require SQL Server, but the majority of their performance depend on SQL Server itself. We made SQL Server one of our specialty product lines so we could provide you with a complete set of services, making sure you are getting peak performance.


Secure your SQL Server

BizTalk Server limits access to its processes and databases by using minimum user rights; you can secure important data in the system by using features from Microsoft Windows® Server. This mean that it is very important to correctly set up the BizTalk Server Administrators Group and BizTalk host users in a way that they don’t have more user rights than the necessary to do their jobs.

What’s new in the BizTalk SQL Server databases ecosystem?BizTalk

Microsoft has created the BizTalk WCF-SQL Adapter. This new adapter is based on ADO.NET technology and not only gives support for querying data in an easier way, it also gives support to many new SQL Server Databases features. Another difference is the underlying framework used to develop the adapters. The old SQL adapter was based on the BizTalk Adapter Framework and the new one is based on the WCF LOB SDK Adapter.

So, what can we do with the new adapter that we were not able to with the old one. Here’s a short list of improvements.

  • No need to use the FOR XML statement in queries.
  • Database push via SQL Query Notification
  • Enhancements in the transaction behavior configuration
  • Composite transactions for multiple queries
  • Metadata browsing
  • New data types support for SQL server 2008 and above
  • Dynamic WSDL generation
  • Azure SQL database support

If you already have a solution based on the SQL Adapter and you want to migrate it to a WCF-SQL based solution, or want to implement a SQL integration get in touch with us and one of our experts will contact you.

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