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Why Power BI?

Power BI  interprets your data and helps you obtain faster turnarounds and lower your costs.

Know your entire data, and analyze it yourself.

 Analyze which marketplaces are rising, where demand is solid and where you shouldn’t be spending money.

 Great for business decision makers,  developers, managers, and analysts.

 Amazing performance improvement tool for all size business owners, sales team leaders, vendors, and finance authorities.

 Access state of the art data analytics from any device and anywhere.

Key Power BI Features


| 360 Degree Feedback API | Activity Dashboard | Ad Hoc Analysis & Query App | Security | Business Analysis & Intelligence |

 Collaboration Tools | Collaborative Work | Customizable Reports | Dashboard Creation | Data Connectors, Imp/Exp., Synchronization,

Transformation, and Visualization | Geographic Maps | Graphical Data Presentation | Interactive Reporting | Mobile Alerts & Integration |

 Natural Language Search | Real Time Analytics, Reporting & Updates |         | Reporting & Stats | Shared Workspace | Visual Analytics |


No matter the size of your company




Rich dashboards, interactive reports, geo-map visuals, and sets of data.

Power BI cloud data centers make sure that your data stays secure and private.







| Perform your data analyses internally, minimizing your reliance on external resources, and save money.

| The Microsoft team makes continuous improvements to Power BI services by adding functionality nearly every month.




| With tools like Azure Analysis Cloud Services along with SQL Server On Premise Services, you can create powerful, recyclable data models, facilitating dependable analysis and reports.

| Excel spreadsheets, Salesforce, Visual Studio Team Services, GitHub, SharePoint Lists, Mail Chimp, and Google Analytics, are just a  few examples of the hundreds of data sources and applications that Power BI supports, no matter they are on premise or cloud based.


| Data Analytics Services: Big Data Analytics, BI Reporting & Dashboard.

| Data Management Services: Big Data Architecture, Data Warehousing & Master Data Management.



Gold Data Analytics.

| Advanced Analytics for Data Analytics.

| Big Data for Data Analytics.

| Data Platform & Analytics Foundational for Data Analytics.


| Healthcare | Financial | Manufacturing |

Government | Logistics | Insurance |