BizTalk ServerCU package 3 BizTalk Server 2013

This cumulative update package for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 CU3 contains hotfixes for the BizTalk Server 2013 issues that were resolved after the release of BizTalk Server 2013.

We recommend that you test hotfixes before you deploy them in a production environment. Because the builds are cumulative, each new update release contains all the hotfixes and all the security updates that were included in the previous BizTalk Server 2013 update release. We recommend that you consider applying the most recent BizTalk Server 2013 update release.

Applies to: BizTalk Server 2013 Branch, BizTalk Server 2013 Developer, BizTalk Server 2013 Enterprise, BizTalk Server 2013 Standard.

Important information about the cumulative update package

  • One cumulative hotfix package includes all the component packages. However, a cumulative update package updates only those components that are installed on the system.

Note For more information about the latest service pack or cumulative update package for BizTalk Server, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Note If you use MQSeries adapter, MQSAgent.dll must be updated on the IBM WebSphere MQ server to the same Cumulative Update level as on BizTalk Server. To do this, make sure that you run the same CU setup on IBM WebSphere MQ Server. You may experience performance issues if you run mismatched versions.

More Information

This cumulative update package is a rollup update that contains the following items:

  • All hotfixes that were released for BizTalk Server 2013
  • Some hotfixes from BizTalk Server 2010
  • Some other fixes that improve the product

For more information about the terminology that is used to describe Microsoft product updates, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

BizTalk Server 2013 hotfixes that are included in cumulative update package 3 for BizTalk Server 2013

The Microsoft Knowledge Base articles that discuss these hotfixes are released as they become available. For more information about the BizTalk Server issues, click the following article numbers to go to the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

BizTalk Server Adapters

KB article number Description
2901213 FIX: Receive location is shut down when you use the SB-Messaging adapter in BizTalk Server
2912755 FIX: BizTalk Server 2013 SFTP adapter doesn’t pick up files from the SFTP server
2915715 FIX: SFTP adapter can’t receive data from certain SFTP servers after you upgrade to BizTalk Server 2013
2951982 FIX: MQSeries adapter for a receive port doesn’t maintain message order in BizTalk Server 2010 or BizTalk Server 2013 R2
2955773 FIX: The HTTP receive adapter does not suspend messages or respond to the client side when a receive pipeline failure occurs in BizTalk Server
2958349 FIX: The send port instance gets stuck at active state when you use BizTalk Server 2013
2966521 FIX: High CPU usage occurs when you use SFTP adapter in BizTalk Server 2013
2966546 FIX: Memory leak occurs over time when you use SFTP adapter in BizTalk Server 2013
2975546 FIX: SFTP adapter receive locations get stuck intermittently in BizTalk Server
2990704 FIX: SFTP adapter receive locations can’t list or delete files in BizTalk Server
3021223 FIX: Messaging Engine errors occur when you use WCF-Custom send port to call a WCF service in BizTalk Server 2010
3021233 FIX: Thread buildup in WCF receive host when receive location is disabled in BizTalk Server
3034488 FIX: “Open SFTP connection error” when you use the SFTP adapter in BizTalk Server
3042941 FIX: Http send port instance stays active during network failure between BizTalk Server 2013 and a web server
3049711 FIX: Error when you use SharePoint Services adapter to receive files from a library whose date/time is not English or UTC
3050885 FIX: Can’t download files from SharePoint Server 2013 document libraries by using SharePoint Services adapter
3052396 FIX: Can’t configure MQSeries adapter to receive only some of the messages in the queue in BizTalk Server 2013 R2 or BizTalk Server 2013
3058611 FIX: Files that are being written are transmitted incorrectly when the SFTP Adapter poll is running at the same time
3063324 FIX: SFTP adapter can’t identify the correct length of a file in BizTalk Server
3065786 FIX: SB-Messaging receive location doesn’t retry and is disabled after EndpointNotFoundException in BizTalk Server 2013
3073176 FIX: XML pipeline schema validation does not work in BizTalk Server
3076289 FIX: Error occurs when you set the ConnectionLimit property of the SFTP adapter receive or send port to 0 (zero)
3079396 FIX: “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation” error occurs when you use the WCF-WebHTTP adapter and dynamic send ports in BizTalk Server
3067378 FIX: SFTP adapter cannot send zero-byte file in BizTalk Server 2013 R2 or BizTalk Server 2013

BizTalk Server Administration Tools and Management APIs

KB article number Description
952947 FIX: A user in the BizTalk Server Operators group cannot enable or disable receive locations for some adapters
2701417 FIX: Slow performance when you manage host instances in a server group that contains offline servers by using the BizTalk Server Administration console
2724389 FIX: “The local, cached version of the BizTalk Server group configuration is out of date” error when you click on Maps folder in BizTalk Server Administration Console
2897026 FIX: The copied message is corrupted when you copy and paste a message in BizTalk Server 2010 or 2013
2908686 FIX: Error messages when you redeploy some map DLL files to BizTalk Server 2010 or BizTalk Server 2013
2947664 FIX: Transmit pipeline for a two-way receive location is set incorrectly when you import binding file in BizTalk Server 2010 or BizTalk Server 2013
2954606 FIX: Can’t install and configure BizTalk Server in unattended noninteractive mode
3018395 FIX: Pipeline settings are reset to “passthru” when you use a custom pipeline in BizTalk Server
3050958 FIX: Orphaned rows in Tracking_Parts1 and Tracking_Fragments1 tables when you use DTA Purge and Archive job
3074493 FIX: Importing an orchestration assembly unexpectedly changes the pipelines in ports that the orchestration is bound to
3088327 FIX: “Cannot insert duplicate Key with unique index” error occurs when you use BizTalk Server 2013
3097462 FIX: “Transform failure” error when the unit test for Maps is used in a BizTalk Server project

BizTalk Server Design Tools

BizTalk Server EDIAS2

BizTalk Server ESB Toolkit

BizTalk Server management tools and business tools

BizTalk Server Message Runtime, Pipelines and Tracking

BizTalk Server Orchestration engine

KB article number Description
2689953 FIX: XML declaration is removed at a receive location that uses BAM tracking and the PassThruReceive pipeline in BizTalk Server 2010
2749592 FIX: Slow performance when System Center Operations Manager monitors a computer in BizTalk Server
2903322 FIX: Responses from WCF web service are sent back to wrong orchestration when source of BizTalk message body is Path
2909928 FIX: BizTalk Server crashes with error code 80131544 when you have installed the .NET Framework 4.5
2910813 FIX: BizTalk WMI calls stop responding under load in BizTalk Server
2952667 FIX: Incorrect XML validation error when you add a BAM tracking profile to a message on a receive port
2952675 FIX: Message is suspended when tracking profile is applied in BizTalk Server 2013
3005268 IX: Message is invalid error occurs if a message has a header field which is over 1,000 characters long in BizTalk Server
3019503 FIX: No error or warning when no tracking data is stored in BAM in BizTalk Server
3047076 FIX: Pipeline execution fails when you deploy BAM tracking profile to the send port or receive port in BizTalk Server
3049737 FIX: The invalid XML message is suspended when you use the OOB PassThruReceive pipeline in BizTalk Server 2013 R2 or BizTalk Server 2013
3053569 FIX: BizTalk uses unique GUIDs as Application Name in some SQL connections
3058787 FIX: BAM tracking does not work as expected for messages that correspond to multi-root schemas in BizTalk Server
3085850 FIX: No errors occur when invalid XML is processed by using the XML disassembler and XML validator component in BizTalk Server

BizTalk Server UDDI

How to obtain cumulative update package 3 for BizTalk Server 2013

BizTalk Server uses a cumulative update (CU) model for providing fixes and updates. Each cumulative update includes new updates as well as all of the updates included in the previous cumulative updates. Microsoft recommends testing and then applying the latest CU to all BizTalk environments.

All new fixes are publicly released in the upcoming cumulative update. Stand-alone fixes may be provided prior to the next cumulative update if the reported problem is critical, has significant business impact, and does not have a workaround. Stand-alone fixes (if provided) require the latest released cumulative update as a prerequisite.

Download Center

The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

Release Date: October 9, 2015

For more information about how to download Microsoft support files, see how to obtain Microsoft support files from online services .

Cumulative update package information


To apply this cumulative update package, you must have BizTalk Server 2013 installed.

Note To apply the corresponding hotfixes for the following components, you must have the components installed:

  • Microsoft UDDI Services 3.0 (this is included on the BizTalk Server 2013 installation disk)
  • Microsoft BizTalk Adapters for Enterprise Applications (also known as BizTalk LOB Adapters)

If a Readme.txt file is included in this cumulative update package, see Readme.txt for more information about how to install this update.

Important The cumulative update package is a unified package that contains both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (amd64/x64) files. To install the update correctly, run the Setup.exe file. Never run other files, such as .msp files, directly.

Restart requirement

You must restart the computer after you apply this cumulative update package.


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