Ultimate EDI Administration and Maintanance Tool


The Ultimate EDI Administration Tool

At Art2link, a Verified Microsoft Gold Partner, we’ve developed the ultimate line of administration for your EDI messages. This new technology takes you directly to your business and automatically handles all the technical complications and transactions under the hood. This allows you to focus on the core of your company, making a wiser use of your time and resources. Take a look at the additional features you can get out of your current BizTalk installation and sign up for a free live demo of the EDI Portal.


Advantages at Launch

  • Friendly user interface
  • Help along the way – Don’t get lost between forms and transactions
  • Easily customized
  • Configure your own transactions with intuitive interface
  • One click rollback
  • Monitor all your transactions
  • Run personalized reports
  • Secure access and user control

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EDI Portal Status

EDI Portal – Transaction Monitor

Finding out where the error is was never so easy!!

 The Transaction Monitor allows and easy way to see the flow of each transaction, live and without delays. Users can locate the error and request the IT team correct it without the need of any additional technical training.

  • Less Time
  • Higher Efficiency

  • Less Resources
  • Save Money

Easy Setup of Trading Partners and Transactions Adding trading partners and custom transactions has never been easier with our pre-built templates. It is as easy as filling out a contact form, the interface will guide your through each step. Want more? If you’d like a more specialized template, you can turn any transaction or trading partner profile into a template within a few clicks.

An incredible Dashboard

User Friendly – Easy Navigation

Don’t you want something that works just for you? Quit working for your system, and start making your system work for you. The dashboard shows you the information that you really need, always on time and accurate. With an interface designed for both, touch and click, all your team related information and hot topics are at your fingertips. If you can’t find what you need or want a change to the aesthetic, you have the ability to fully personalize the interface. Your colors, your layout, your reports, all at your fingertips.

EDI Portal Status

EDI Portal Users



Users and security:

It’s easy to allocate each user to the pre-loaded roles and profiles, so each one has access to what they need whenever they need, and your information remains secure and private. In need of more user roles and profiles that better suits your company? Just build your own roles or profiles and start adding users to them. With the user activity metrics and reporting, it’s easy to know where is the best place to allocate resources, and discover how to empower each team efficiency.

  • Create/Manage Users
  • Create/Manage Roles
  • Create/Manage Profiles

  • Run Efficiency Reports
  • Track User Activity
  • Empower Your Team

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