For some projects here at Art2link we’ve found that installing a tool to emulate the SMTP Mail Server is much better than use the institutional SMTP Server. It avoids the security dependencies (SMTP Server administration team) and keeps isolated the development tests and any issue. This step by step and easy to follow guide will help you to get it done without problems.

We’ve also included links to download everything you need to perform this installation.

We hope you enjoy doing it as a much as we do.


Here are the steps.


  1. Install and Configure SMTP Mail Service
  • Install SMTP Service

The SMTP Service is deprecated at Windows Server 2012 but it was not removed, you can install and use it.

  • Start IIS 6.0
  • Start the SMTP Service
  • Create a new domain

We chose “art2link.localhost” for our local environment, you could use “yourcompany.localhost” for example.


  • Download and Install Visendo SMTP Extender Community
  • Download & Install

  • Setup IP, Ports and Directories

You have to use your VM local IP Address

advanced iis

  1. Setup Visendo E-Mail Accounts
  • You will need to create at least two e-mail accounts.

One to be used as the sender (from) and one to be used as the target (to).


We would recommend also to set the same generic password for all the email accounts.


  1. Setup Outlook to receive messages from BizTalk
  • Start Outlook
  • Choose “Manually configure server settings …”and then “Internet E-Mail”

test account

  1. Setup local SMTP Mail Server at BizTalk

smtp config

smtp config 2

smtp config 3

  1. Check E-Mail Alerts at MS Outlook

The Visendo SMTP Tool allows to send text emails, html emails, include attachments and it’s really handy for those times when you need to test the mailing process of an integration.

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