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Health Analytic
Everyday more and more healthcare facilities choose to manage their records as EMRs (Electronic Medical Record) taking advantage from the opportunity to exchange and analyze this data for different indexes. This creates a market for health analysis companies to work in.

Companies who want to position their services in the market to fill this space must be able to connect and share data with many different systems. This ability is crucial while offering health analytic services. A well implemented integration is the base for a successful engagement with fast demanding clients.

Art2link provides integration services for heath analytics companies, based in the two most important integration technologies, IBM Websphere and Microsoft BizTalk.

Our expert resources can step in to either augment internal development teams, or to completely drive the process of a needed new integration. Our level of experience insures that when you need it done right, it will get done right. Our large pool of developers also allows us to devote multiple resources to a given development effort, in order to shrink the total timeline needed to complete a project. The next time someone steps into your office with an unreasonable deadline, just give us a call.

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Expertise in Many Standards

Healthcare isn’t simply about hospitals. Healthcare is about the intertwined care, services, and products delivered to patients throughout the entire healthcare system, including providers, information exchanges and PHSS organizations. A cohesive mesh of all the different areas helps ensure the health and well-being of patients. Our well-rounded expertise in the standards that make for that cohesive mesh is what sets us apart from the rest. These include:

  • HIPAA – 4010 & 5010
  • ICD-10

  • HL7
  • EDI 270-271, 837P, 837I, 277U, 276-277, 835

Art2link is a member of Microsoft’s BizTalk V-TSP Program and has been for many years. This makes us one of the few organizations in the world with direct exposure and access to Microsoft’s BizTalk Server Product Team. We actively work with Microsoft’s Product Team to determine functionality for new BizTalk releases, and to make BizTalk work at peak efficiency. This level of access into the team that design and builds a particular product is extremely unusual in the industry, and will insure you the highest possible level of BizTalk Auditing Consulting expertise.


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What does your company get?


  • The infrastructure to connect existing applications (regardless of the platform) and to compose, expose, and consume new services. This allows you to get more out of the investments that you have already made and minimize the cost of integrating the new pieces of technology that you have acquired.
  • Built-in support for load balancing, helping your company delivering 24/7 availability for all mission critical solutions across the entire organization.
  • Faster development for future solutions with less effort, reducing project’s lifecycle and therefore, reducing costs.
  • Better maintenance and highly granular monitoring. This enables you to rapidly predict, find, and fix errors throughout your system, greatly reducing the costs associated with IT maintenance.
  • Maximize Long-Term ROI
  • Maximize the value of your existing IT investments


What our Clients have to say about Art2link

“Art2link was always there to answer questions and provide excellent service. I’m sure we wouldn’t have finished this project without their expertise. We had a great experience and can’t wait to work with them again” Management – IT – Practice Velocity. [/edsanimate]


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