Last November 30th Microsoft announced their last release of the Azure SDK for .Net.

new Azure SDK Logo
This new Azure SDK is meant to be installed in either Visual Studio 2013 or 2015, and has some interesting features related to Web, Mobile and REST development. Features like a new modern App Service creation experience, new project template updates for API and Mobile Apps, and Improved REST API client generation are part of this new Azure SDK release.
Azure SDK 2.8.1 for .NET comes with several changes and new options and each one of them is worth a full review and its own post. Here we’ll give you a summary of what to expect from this new Azure SDK release for you to quickly decide whether to install it or not.
Among the many different options, there are some features that just stand out, like the new App Service. As your experience would indicate, many times an application starts as a Web application and then based on that, a Mobile application is needed. Sometimes it is the other way around. In those cases, we’ve been facing the need of publishing our apps through different channels. The idea behind this modernized user experience is to make the publishing process as easy as possible, so now there is a unified service to publish Web, Mobile and API apps to the App Service. Although having these options can be a little confusing we’ve found that the wizard is very easy to use and easy to customize regarding the specs of your project.

This release is a step towards new services and tools for App Service tools. The new Azure SDK release comes with a bunch of options, tools and customizable preferences based on developer’s experiences that we were expecting, and are happy, to find in this kind of release. While we keep testing it we encourage you to test it (as always in a controlled testing environment) and then send us your feedback and comments about your experience with this new set of tools.

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