new cumulative update

This New Cumulative Update 3 includes the following fixes:

BizTalk Server adapters

  • FIX: All files in the Archive folder are picked up when you use a receive location to receive files from a SharePoint library
  • FIX: WCF-SAP NCO receive locations listen to only one ProgramID at a time

BizTalk Server design tools

  • FIX: A “Transform Failure” exception occurs when you unit test a map by using a script functiod of a custom assembly

BizTalk Server accelerators

  • FIX: “Package does not contain compatible branch patch” error occurs when you install a cumulative update to a Biztalk Server that has A4SWIFT installed

BizTalk Server general

  • FIX: “Exception code: 0xe0434352” occurs when you apply a cumulative update to a BizTalk Server


new cumulative update 3 checkBizTalk Server uses a cumulative update (CU) model for providing fixes and updates. Each cumulative update includes new updates in addition to all the updates that were included in previous cumulative updates. We recommend testing and then applying the latest CU to all BizTalk environments.

Here is the link to the Download Center

Download the New Cumulative Update 3 for BizTalk Server 2013 R2 now.


A common question:

  • I don’t have any problems. Should I install this New Cumulative Update 3?
    • Yes, technically speaking the cumulative updates not only includes bug fixes, they also includes improvements, also as the integration corporate solutions evolves, the risk to detect issues already fixed by Microsoft also increase. We emphasize to test the CU in a Test Environment before you install the updates at a Production Environment.


The cumulative update package is a unified package that contains both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (amd64/x64) files. To install the update correctly, run the Setup.exe file. Never run other files, such as .msp files, directly.



  • After installing, you will need to reboot your BizTalk Server(s)
  • An improved hotfix installer is used in the new cumulative update 3 package. When you install the cumulative update package, the installer displays a list of the installed features that are updated and the number of fixes for each feature.
  • If you use the MQSeries adapter, MQSAgent.dll must be updated on the IBM WebSphere MQ server to the same cumulative update level that is on BizTalk Server. To do this, make sure that you run the same cumulative update setup on the IBM WebSphere MQ server. You may experience performance issues if you run mismatched versions.
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