BizTalk Product Roadmap, 2018The Future of BizTalk – BizTalk Product Roadmap, 2018 – Microsoft’s official position

We are Microsoft Gold Partners that offer BizTalk services, and many of our clients have questioned the overall direction that Microsoft intends to take with the product, and rumors of the demise of BizTalk have swirled through the community for years.
To quote Mark Twain “the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
Microsoft in this message confirms a new upcoming version of on premises Biztalk (BizTalk Server “vNext”), that will be timed for release “ within roughly 9 months of the general availability of Windows Server 2019 ”.  BizTalk Product Roadmap, 2018 shows the Future of BizTalk Server with the “vNext”, which will be complemented  ” by a vNext of the Adapter Pack and Host Integration Server as well. ”
Microsoft also confirms that BizTalk Server, and Logic Apps will both continue to exist, in parallel. . . and that -both- of them will have the capability of running on premises and in Azure. Further, they state that they understand the functionality differences between the two products and are working to make migration from one to the other faster, cleaner, and easier

We hope that these news give the community more clarity into what is the Future of BizTalk with BizTalk Product Roadmap, 2018 , and also to know that we are always available to share our experience and knowledge with everyone.


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